Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ski Fashion 2014 - Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another season of Ski Style and Winter Fashion! 

I decided I would start writing again as soon as it started snowing here in Verbier. I'm a bit late as two weekends ago my boyfriend and his friends went skiing. I've attached a photo below if you don't believe me. I also have to apologise for my lack of updates towards the end of last season but I was offered an impromptu trip to the Caribbean to visit my sister and I couldn't bring myself to write about skiing in 30 degree heat and surrounded my mosquitos. 

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So - What are the new trends this season?

I'm going to start with high fashion today (apologies to those who care more about the waterproofness and durability!)

This season dump the excessive amounts of fur and embrace slim fitting, vintage style ski wear. This season Hermes has lead the way by launching a stunning collection of technical ski wear and accessories all inspired by Hermes long history with skiing; the company has been designing ski wear since the 1930s. The line is full of tans, mustards, and whites and features a lot of tight fitting leather. All harking back to the glory days when skiing was first discovered. The collection is understated yet exciting; the ski fashion world has needed a new lease of life for a while; and now it has it. 




This season it's all about multi-use. Clothing that can be worn both on and off the slopes.

 Moncler’s new collection of ski fleeces wouldn't look out of place in London’s chicest nightspots. Pack beautifully designed under layers and you won't need to change your outfit between skiing and apr├Ęs.  To save space also invest in a ski jacket that won't look out of place as you head out for the evening . Lacroix have some beautiful jackets that can be worn both day and night.



Peak Performance

If you would like me to write any specific posts or if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Bring on the snow!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Base Layer Tights - Fashion on the Slopes

MITMUNK - A new generation of ski wear?

armoured leggins

Hand printed, artistic, and original. These are not things ski fashion is often known for, but perhaps this is going to change?

MITMUNK is a small Vancouver based design studio run by Wayne Elliott and Heather Joan Tam. Wayne is an artist with a background is sculpture. He has a love for striking  experimental street fashion which is incorporated into Mitmunk's printed leggings. Although Mitmunk leggings did not start out life intended for the ski slopes, the fabric used is a perfect blend for ski thermals. After talking to Wayne he is thinking about creating base layer tops and perhaps some other snowy accessories. Something which I think is very exciting! Is experimental street fashion heading to the slopes? I sure hope so. 

I think Mitmunk is a brand to watch, check out the website below for more information.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Moncler - Skispiration

King of the Mountain?

If you're in Verbier this winter you should visit the Moncler shop in the centre of town. The window display really is a work of art. Having said that I am undecided about Moncler ski wear. It is one of the most expensive ski brands that you can buy and often people settle for plain, puffa, fur trim, Moncler jackets. Decidedly boring. As you already know (I have said it often enough) I am also against skiing in puffa jackets as you can't control your temperature with layers. Many Moncler jackets are plain in colour and plain in design. Not inspiring and, in my view, not worth the money.

However, some of the Moncler collection is inspiring. In fact I would go as far to say that it is the most fashion forward thinking ski brand available. Some of the Moncler collection looks like it belongs on the catwalk, a look that is hard to achieve with ski wear.  I have highlighted my favourites below, I particularly like the mountain scape jacket. Although all the colours used below are quite simple, the shape and design are what really stand out. I just wish I saw people wearing the more daring Moncler ski wear, .